Cold Forging

Erez Makina, with its fund of knowledge by means of its 12-year work-experience, has its target place in domestic and foreign market by carrying out cold forging (die farming) which is carried out by few firms in Turkey. Erez makina is an industrial enterprise which aims to serve the quality cheaply and in short time to its customers. We have advanced our research and development departments in order to be a leader in this market. Erez Makina is a firm that has hydraulic and mechanic presses from 250 to 1000 tones. Pieces between 20 gram and 1500 gram are cold-shaped with our machines. We are continuing our business by getting support from various technological programs in order to give a cheap and qualified product to our customers by using cold forging.

Advantages of cold forging ;by means of cold forging method we get 350-400 gr product out of 1 kg material, whereas we get 300 gram product when we use hot-forging so we get at least 500 gr of profit in 1 piece. It varies depending on the height, diameter and shape of the piece. It also has %70-80 advantage of production time in proportion to hot-forging method is thermal treatment. The %90-95 of pieces produced with hot-forging and metal cutting are applied heat treatment. This rate decreases to %40-50 in cold forging because it’s cold forged by not damaging the grain structure of the piece. The moving pieces are preferred cold-forged, especially in the automotive industry and others. The hardness change depending on the quality of the product. Cold forging is also preferred as it makes the delivery to the customer faster and same quality among the products. So, cold forging is preferred because of its less material, short-term labor cost, homogeny quality, and due date.